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We created this company for you.

Before Avante, we had hundreds of clients and family members who were unsatisfied with their hair-loss alternatives, and as hair stylists with over 40 years of experience and a passion for all things organic, we’d grown accustomed to directing our clients to the highest-quality product lines in the industry.

 In the summer of 2015, hair thickening mixtures were emerging on the market and we were eager to find the line we should recommend to those who trust us the most.

After examining brand after brand, we simply weren’t satisfied with the alternatives. We wanted to offer our clients the perfect solution, but we couldn't find a product which truly impressed us.

We began experimenting with everything we could get our hands on, we connected with biochemists, and after countless hours of analysis and research, we had our first line of product line. By 2017, we had what we deemed the perfect, naturally-created hair filament solution made specifically for salons, stylists and their clients. 

At Avante, our passion is creating the perfect look for our clients.