Avante Hair Solutions

Application FAQ

My hair appears “dusty”:
Avoid putting on too much product on at once and make sure you pat product down with hands or a comb.
The product is not adhering properly:
In order to effectively use Avante Ultra Thickener, your hair must be at least 1/4” long. Ultra Thickener will not adhere directly to a bald scalp, so avoid application directly to your scalp. If you are applying the fibers to a very thin area, try applying less instead of more to achieve more desirable results. 
I am not able to manage the product like I see in the videos:
Many of our videos show professionals using Avante Ultra Thickener hair fibers. When you first begin using Ultra Thickener, go slowly. As you become more comfortable and familiar with the product, you will learn to style your look as quickly as the pros. 
My product seems to be acting differently than other product I’ve received from Avante:
Sometimes, we have customers who have become victims of counterfeiting from persons selling lesser-quality products under an Avante label. To avoid becoming a scam victim, make sure you order Avante products directly from your haircare professional or only the Avante website.