Avante Hair Solutions

Men's Style Guide

Basic Application Directions:

Ultra Thickener easily styles into hair with our proven 4-step method:


1) Begin with completely dry, oil-free hair and scalp. Make sure you do not have any hair styling products such as hairspray, gel, texturing wax or mousse in your hair and that you have clean, dry hands before beginning application. Use your fingers to expose thinning hair areas near the scalp so these areas are as visible as possible.


2) Tilt the bottle at a 45° angle and hold it approximately 1” from your scalp. Gently shake or tap over thinning areas. Tip: You can adjust how quickly the product dispenses by tilting the bottle at different angles as you shake. A more horizontal tilt will dispense more slowly and a more vertical tilt will dispense more quickly.


3) Gently pat and guide fibers into existing hair with your fingers or a comb to disperse. Continue adding product and styling into hair as necessary to slowly layer the fibers until desired appearance is reached. Tip: Try to avoid having your fingers or the comb touch your scalp directly.


4) Lock in fibers with Avante Holding Spray. (Add demonstration pic.)Removal: Use any shampoo to easily remove Avante Ultra Thickener from your hair and scalp. Ultra Thickener will easily wash from skin with water and is easily brushed or dusted off of clothing without any discoloration to fabric.


To keep this Avante product in excellent condition:ALWAYS store Avante Ultra Thickener out of the bathroom, away from moisture, with the lid tightly sealed.


If you are a new Avante user, make sure you build your look with the fibers SLOWLY. At first, it may feel challenging to control Avante Ultra Thickener in the way that you would like to create your look. As you work with the product more frequently, managing your look will become second nature.