Avante Hair Solutions

Holiday 3 Pack - Men


Holiday 3 Pack - Men

This holiday season, give the gift of confidence with Avante Hair Solutions!

Our Holiday 3 Pack bundle includes 3 bottles of Avante with a savings of 20% when you order the bundle. 

With Avante Ultra Thickener, even severe thinning spots become virtually undetectable. 
Natural filaments and keratin protein are flawlessly combined for comfortable, immediate hair-thickening results indistinguishable from natural hair. Avante’s Ultra Thickener provides instant hair-loss coverage for men and women and is positively charged to adhere ruthlessly to all hair types, even through workouts and wind. For best results, use with Avante Holding Spray.  
Ingredients: Gossypium Herbaceum (Levant cotton), Mineral Colorants.


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